ALL SORTS SWIM LESSONS Water safety is one of the most important skills you can teach your child, especially living in Sydney with our awesome beach lifestyle. And you can start making your baby water aware from as young as six months. All Sorts Sea Shells classes develop water confidence, water awareness and basic survival skills through songs and lessons. Classes run seven days a week throughout the year, except for a four-week break over the New Year period, giving you the freedom to pay as you go and do as few or as many lessons as you want to suit your busy lifestyle. It’s a great opportunity to get you both out of the house for some bonding by doing a fun activity together. WHAT YOU GET Ten swim lessons at All Sorts Swim School at the Alexandria centre’s pool, plus a swim cap and goggles. WHY NEW MUMS THINK THIS IS AWESOME No lock-in contracts means you can go for as many or as few sessions as you want and the lessons are a fun way to bond with bub over an educational activity. Looking for a unique keepsake to mark your baby’s birth? Bears in Boxes has come up with something extra special for you. It has taken the classic teddy bear to a whole new level for this very purpose. Each of these furry animals are handmade to your exact specifications with quality materials to make an original display item that will become a memento to treasure forever. You can even add embroidered details to the hands and feet for an extra-special touch. Bears in Boxes is passionate about teddies and cannot wait to send you your very own one-of-a-kind cuddly companion. WHAT YOU GET A Handmade Teddy Bear made to your specifications. Includes delivery. *Please note this item is for display purposes only and is not suitable as a toy for your baby. Its handmade nature makes it a potential choking hazard for small children WHY NEW MUMS THINK THIS IS AWESOME Teddy bears are a classic baby accessory and these furry friends are simply adorable. The handmade Bears in Boxes teddies are one of a kind and make for an extra-special keepsake. BEARS IN BOXES HANDMADE TEDDY BEAR