ALL SORTS GYM PASS BONDI JUNCTION PHYSIO PILATES & SCREENING Take a moment to think about the hugeness of what your body has just been through: you have grown a human being inside you! You need to take care of that body that is capable of such greatness. One of Bondi Junction Physiotherapy’s specialties is looking after new mums, with expertise in postnatal health, including assessing alignment and stability of the pelvis, pelvic floor and tummy-muscle recovery from pregnancy and delivery, helping with any concerns related to breastfeeding or mastitis, as well as a safe return to exercise. Its physiotherapist-led Pilates classes will assist your post-delivery recovery in a fun, safe, baby-friendly environment. Before you join a Bondi Junction Physiotherapy class, you will be assessed to diagnose any areas of dysfunction, weakness or injury to allow exercises to be individualised for your needs. WHAT YOU GET A one-class pass to Bondi Junction Physiotherapy’s one-hour, physio- led Pilates classes, with a 15-minute screening beforehand to tailor the exercises to your needs. WHY NEW MUMS THINK THIS IS AWESOME Everything about this experience is about what’s best for your health to get you back in top form so you can focus on bub. The classes are small, so you are supervised at all times, and the friendly environment means you can take baby along if child care is an issue. There are all sorts of people out there with all sorts of exercise personalities. While some prefer group training, others might favour one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer, or perhaps even a gentle swim or a cycle on the indoor bike. This fitness super centre has it all. No matter how you plan on getting back into your exercise routine, All Sorts has the facilities to suit your workout style - from tennis to treadmills, spinning to swimming, and everything in between. The centre has been designed with families in mind; there is a crèche on site so you can even bring bub along if child care is what has been holding you back from returning to the gym. A friendly team member is always around to support your journey back to fitness and guide you through All Sorts of activities to get you there. WHAT YOU GET A three-visit pass to All Sorts in Alexandria, which gives you access to all the centre’s many fitness facilities, plus crèche. *Please ensure you have been cleared for exercise by your doctor or midwife WHY NEW MUMS THINK THIS IS AWESOME All Sorts encourages you to get back into your fitness routine because it is on your terms. The crèche gives you the freedom to focus on your workout, safe in the knowledge that bub is being well looked after.