FREE RANGE FOODIE ORGANIC MEALS Whether it’s your first baby or your fourth, bringing a new baby home is overwhelming - you are coming back to an environment that is forever changed and that will take some time getting used to. Dinner is the least of your worries, yet it needs to get done. Wouldn’t it be marvellous to have someone else cook you delicious, hearty meals and take that one chore off your mind for a few nights? Put those takeaway menus back in the drawer; Free Range Foodie has heard your cry for help and is here to save dinner. Every week, Free Range Foodie comes up with a menu of three fresh, organic meals and a sweet-treat option, which will be delivered to your door the following Tuesday for you to enjoy for the next three nights. All meals arrive fresh (not frozen) and complete, so there is nothing else for you to do but heat it up and enjoy. You’re welcome! WHAT YOU GET A dinner box comprising three fresh, organic meals for one adult (portion sizes are generous and may feed two, enquire on ordering), two desserts, the bag and ice-brick, delivery and $20 off your next order. *Please check the Free Range Foodie website to make sure they deliver to your area WHY NEW MUMS THINK THIS IS AWESOME Having someone else cook you a homemade meal without having to lift a finger is an absolute godsend. The food is fresh, made with organic and chemical-free produce wherever possible, and the menus are inventive and appetising. Want to learn how to save your child’s life? What a silly question, of course you do! Enrol in a Rescueblue Little Aid course and learn what to do when seconds count. Taught by current operational paramedics, the experts in pre-hospital care, the Rescueblue Little Aid course covers everything from basic life support to choking and everything in between. The course is extremely practical, meaning you will be physically practising your new life-saving skills over and over again. You will leave the course with the peace of mind that you will be able to perform if faced with a life-threatening situation. Public courses are held monthly at various locations. Alternatively, Rescueblue can also run private courses for your mothers group or for groups of six or more people at a venue of your choice. Courses are also baby-friendly; it wouldn’t be Little Aid without little people! WHAT YOU GET Entry for one person into a Little Aid Workshop, plus a Baby First Aid kit comprising child-sized first-aid supplies. WHY NEW MUMS THINK THIS IS AWESOME Knowing what to do in an emergency situation is extremely important. All of Rescueblue’s trainers are current operational paramedics, meaning they practise what they preach on a daily basis. The course is designed for the busy mum; it’s incredibly easy to follow, only goes for three hours and can be held in your own home. And the baby first-aid kits are exactly that - made for babies! The kit is a must-have! RESCUEBLUE FIRST-AID COURSE & KIT