The definitive guide to what a wo-mum wants…

I cannot tell you how often I get a wonderful idea for baby gifts … when I don’t need them.

Does this happen to you? I’ll either come across a Facebook ad for some new gadget, see an Instagram post for adorable outfits or read an interesting blog about the best ideas for baby gifts and I get so excited about the gems I discover but have no one to buy them for at the time. So I store the ideas in the treasure chest in my mind, to be opened next time I need a baby gift.

The only problem is, I always manage to lose the key! And then when I actually DO need a baby gift, I desperately try to unlock those ideas and … nothing! Baby brain is real, people. I’m the dictionary example of it.

I kept on losing the key to my treasure chest of ideas, Adexa’s Treasure has made sure the chest now stays open for good!

Unused gifts

I love love love buying baby gifts, and I always make a huge effort to make sure it is thoughtful and makes the new mum feel special by how much effort I have put in to find the perfect present. The thing is, the choice is so overwhelming, and because I get so flustered and cannot remember what I found before, I inevitably land up buying my old-faithfuls.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with those – the clothes, blankets and toys are beautiful (can you really go wrong with a baby gift? Everything is JUST SO DARN CUTE), but they’re not unique. They’re usually from chain stores, which means there will probably be at least two other babies in the playgroup wearing the same outfit or have the same toy attached to their pram. There’s also the risk of the double-up as it’s entirely possible another friend or family member would have fallen in love with the same item and gifted it with enthusiasm just as I have done. These items will be either a) regifted, b) forgotten or c) put aside with all good intentions to be used, but only uncovered once the baby is too old or big for it.

So now I got myself a proper treasure chest – the Adexa’s Treasure chest, which holds all these amazing gems of ideas for baby gifts I come across as the M.O.M. (Main Organisational Manager) of Adexa’s Treasure.

And my biggest tip for a great baby gift? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a baby gift!

What’s that you say? Yes, you read right.

Mum knows exactly what she wants

Because Mum knows best

Who we really want to please with the baby gift is the woman who makes all the decisions about what is needed or wanted for bubs – what they will eat, what they will wear, which toys will be used most often, which cuddly teddy will be baby’s best friend – the new mum!

We asked ourselves: what does a new mum REALLY want or need when her new baby arrives to rock her world?

And because there isn’t one answer to this, we created a product to be the answer to all the possible answers:


  1. Gifts for Baby

Starting with the obvious, you’d be surprised at how varied this category can be. It’s not all about cute outfits and cuddly toys. This category can be divided into two sub-sections: Precious or Practical.

a. Precious

These are all the things that will make the new mum say: “Aw, that is too precious!” This includes adorable outfits, a beautiful nightlight for the nursery, personalised artwork, teeny tiny shoes, beautiful bedding, trendy teethers, music classes to share with bub, footprint prints, snuggle teddies…

b. Practical

These are the items mum will need to help her excel in her new full-time role as caregiver to the most magnificent person on the planet. Some suggestions include a shower chair, nursing pillows that either do double duty at home or can give mum confidence on the go, bean bag rockers, elegant growth charts, milestone record books…

  1. Gifts for Mum

This woman has just grown a human being! Not to mention all the work she did to get it OUT and the sleepless nights that await. Giving her something for HER that tells her you recognise and appreciate the awe-inspiring woman she is may be just what she needs right now and is a very thoughtful “baby gift”.

Some great ideas we have found include stylish nursingwear, elegant teething jewellery, workout passes with childcare included for when they return to exercise, consultations with experts and pamper sessions.

  1. Gifts the whole family can enjoy

Celebrate the growing family by gifting them something they will all benefit from. Give the parents a break from the chore of cooking for a few nights by sending them delicious, organic meals, or for when baby starts solids, have fresh, nutritious baby food delivered. You can send mum on a baby-first-aid course to give her peace of mind or a workshop with a nutritionist will guide her when bub starts solids. A professional organiser can help her arrange the nursery or how about a newborn photography shoot to capture this magical time in a family’s life?

Mum now holds the key to our treasure chest of awesome gift choices

Spoil Mum with choice

Adexa’s Treasure has combined all these wonderful ideas into one gift and we’re giving Mum the choice of the perfect baby gift.

Come explore some other ideas with us – there are lots of gems to discover in our Treasure chest.

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