Our Story

the perfect start is always at the beginning

Once upon a time...

Somewhere in a not so faraway suburb in Sydney, lived a mumma who was getting more and more frustrated trying to find “the perfect mum & bub gift” for friends, family and work colleagues.

This mumma was me. And maybe it’s you?

At such a wonderful time in a new mum’s life, I try to put extra thought into giving something super-special to a new mum. But somehow I always felt a little disappointed with the end result.

Maybe the gift wasn’t original, special or personal enough?

Although I wanted to give the mum the choice, I also somehow felt a gift voucher was too impersonal for such a personal occasion.

The ongoing question remained: “What does my new mummy friend really need or want?”

And so, on one random evening many moons ago, as I stood in my kitchen sterilising bottles, the idea for Adexa’s Treasure was born (pun totally intended).

I couldn’t contain my excitement. I immediately called out to my husband.

“It’s the perfect gift! Because she gets to choose exactly what she wants!”

So when the pitter-patter of little feet finally subsided that night, and the house became quiet, I exhaled, as I sat down with my husband to share my gift-giving concept. My partner in life nodded in agreement as I shared every detail.

So, it was on that starry Sydney night that we decided to give it a go.
We hope you love the idea as much as we do!


Meet the team


Main Organisational Manager (M.O.M.)

Nadine is a journalist with over 14 years’ experience in both print and TV journalism in Johannesburg, Paris, Melbourne and Sydney. While she loves her job, her first love is her family and she is so excited to combine these two passions as the M.O.M. of Adexa’s Treasure. Having a preschooler son and infant daughter puts Nadine “in the thick of things” when it comes to curating the items that go into each Adexa’s Treasure.


Director of All Deals (D.A.D.)

Allan is qualified as both a lawyer and chartered accountant, which puts him in a unique position when it comes to running the commercial side of the business. Allan is first and foremost a family man and quite possibly the best dad in the world. He is very much looking forward to putting his professional skills to good use in his new role as D.A.D.

The B.O.S.S.

(Babies of Specialist Supervisors)

Our children are chief quality control, making sure the M.O.M. and D.A.D. always maintain the highest levels of quality for an Adexa’s Treasure gift.

Our Values

  • Unique Experience

    Our way of gift-giving is a unique and special experience for both the gift-giver and recipient - because we’ve taken all the thinking out of finding the perfect gift by putting the thought back in!

  • Spoil Someone with Choice

    Let her decide. She'll love you for it.

  • Value for Money

    Out of a choice of 20-30 products and services in each book, with mum making her own gift selection, there’s very little chance of her not loving your gift! And our four differently priced gift books means there’s something suited to all budgets.

  • Carefully Selected Items

    All products and services featured in our gift books have been carefully selected to reflect our core goal of spoiling someone with choice, with quality and safety always top-of-mind.

  • Get Excited

    Starting with the bright-red Adexa's Treasure envelope that arrives in the post, to discovering the choice of spoils within the gift book to actually choosing a gift ... this all makes for an exciting experience.